About us

The “Chance Instead of Aid” Foundation was registered in 2002. Since then, in line with its Deed of Foundation, its health and social institutions have been established.

"Thalassa Ház" - Institute for Psychotherapeutic and Psychiatric Rehabilitation has been in operation since 2003. (Previously it had been an external department of one of the state-owned hospitals, and later by an official detachment the independent foundation was registered.)

Tisztás” (in EN: Glade) the Rehabilitation Institution for Patients with Addiction – with a capacity of 20 beds - operates in integration with Thalassa House forming the Therapeutic Community.

Móló” (in EN: Pier) is a home in a small family house (owned by the Foundation) near the capital giving transitional place for 8 clients in a family-atmosphere as the final phase of the treatment.

The Greek word "Thalassa" - meaning sea had been first used as a psychoanalytic term by Sándor Ferenczi, a Hungarian psychoanalyst whose theories and approach often appear in our methods and every day practice. According to British and French examples, the team had decided to shape and develop a so called Therapeutic Community as a unique initiative in Hungary, so being a pioneer organisation many challenges had to be faced.

We try to integrate the principals and practice of Therapeutic Communities and psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapeutic (the Budapest School: M. Balint, S. Ferenczi, self-psychological, self-object relation and attachment theories) ideas and practice. The main therapeutic approach is group based.  Medication is only subscribed if it is unavoidable to reduce the patient’s suffering from symptoms to a bearable level so that therapeutic relationship can be maintained.

 Thalassa House operates:

- a hospital with the capacity of 38 beds,
- a daytime hospital accepting 16 clients,
- and a psychotherapeutic outpatient department.

The main financial resource for the operation is provided by the National Health Service, though on a minimum level, so continuous fundraising and resource development is necessary for the maintenance of “extra” services like art therapy, and social services. The building of Thalassa House is owned by the Hungarian State.

Psychotherapy is offered for adults and adolescents from the age of 16 coming from all over the country. Our clients suffer from psychotic symptoms, different kinds of personality disorders, and/or addict problems (double-diagnosed patients).

Our professional staff consists of approximately 23-25 persons: psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, art therapists, psychodrama group leader, a so called ‘re-textile’ associate, pharmacist, and last but not least the administrative staff.