Support us
Our foundation was established by civilians, but most of our income comes from the National Health Service, and the Hungarian State Treasury. For this reason our services are free for each Hungarian citizen. The incomes from the state institutions cover more or less care and therapeutic treatment costs as well as the practical, day-to-day running of our institutions. But our clients need much more than this.

This is why the support from trusts and foundations, companies, individual donors, and clients is so critical to us. Without such help, we would not be able to maintain those „extra” services wich make our therapeutic program more complex and effective.

Your support will help us to provide:

Safe, comfortable and homely surroundings

  • Non-verbal therapies (art, music, movement)

  • Psyichodrama and playback

  • Case management by a social worker

  • Retextile workshop

  • System supervision

  • Internet

  • International quality improvement system

  • Safe, comfortable and homely surroundings

You can contact us to find out how you can make a donation

Phone: +36-1-226-8433


* The Chance Instead of Aid Foundation was registered in Hungary on 17.03.1992, with reg. no. 2923, and in 2002 became registered as „exceptionally public benefit organisation” by law.